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Apr 1, 2018

Well, we have a year of podcasting in the books and we thought it would be a great opportunity to look back on a few highlights.


  1. At our current rate, we are on pace to hit our yearly goal in transactions.
    1. Goal = 36
    2. 10 Transactions so far this year
    1. Networking!
  2. Couple of the things that have worked well.
    1. Growth
    2. Bumps in the road
    3. Expectations
    4. YouTube
  3. What has happened with the podcast
    1. Squarespace to Libsyn
    1. Teaching what we've learned
    2. Accountability
    3. The more you talk about it the more comfortable you get
    4. Gets the word out
  4. How has the podcast benefited the business
    1. Work that muscle
  5. What changes would you like to see/hear?

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