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Apr 22, 2018

Jack and Josh join Joey and Jason on The Grind Podcast.

This week there’s a whole lot of J’s as Joey and John are joined by Jack Hoss and Josh Koth, former corporate cubicle buddies from ‘the company that shall remain nameless’. After months of dreaming up their escape, the plan finally came to fruition and they broke free to create Valley Property Partners, a highly successful venture that’s flipped fourty-four properties in a little over two years.

Chronicling their journey into the fray as rookie investors, they are responsible for Real Estate Investors (REI) Rookie podcast, because people need to see it’s possible, how they can make it work, and quit getting hung up on why it can’t.

To put it succinctly, it’s all about “f**king execution.” It’s the “Jumping off the cliff” that ignites the spark to steamroll into the next thing. You’ve got to leave safety to strike out. What were you worried about last year? Chances are you can’t remember.

That doesn’t stop the J’s from gleefully anticipating a chance to reflect on Jack’s resignation related panic attack though, thoughtfully committed to REI Rookies Podcast for posterity’s sake. But then again, look how that turned out!

The Daily Success Report provides an ideal formula to take that leap. Print it out. Plan your day. Crush those activities. Generate leads. Rack up those points. Watch time fly… And don’t forget that thank you card.

You can get it at, courtesy of Matt Theriault, a man who espouses the mantra… “Do the right activities consistently and with persistence and you will get the desired results.”.

And guess what? It’s free! We are, after all, very reciprocal beings. We should see other investors as our allies, giving out some love could see you reaping the benefits down the line, but if you want to enjoy work, you’ve got to “Make it a game.” Creating that competitive spirit fosters the extra impetus needed to push yourself to those hundred points.

Know this. You will get knocked back. But just think… “I can’t help that person today.” A bit of self-affirmation can go a long way.

So, what do Jack and Josh have to say to people who are on the cliff, ready to take that leap?

Well, according to Josh, consistency is key. Crucial too is the power of a successful follow up. Don’t let those deals slip through your grasp, but when they do, those lost opportunities are lessons learned. Though it could be an expensive education! Really, you don’t need to worry about that money, just start making offers. Jack agrees, if you find a true offer then the money will come, people will want to get involved. Last but not least, don’t fall prey to analysis paralysis, because in reality “The deal of the decade comes along about once a week.”

The take-home is clear… 99% of people are just talking, so if you want to start winning, you better start walking.

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