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Sep 6, 2020

Jason Criddle rejoins the show and shares a story that sparked an idea and allowed him to "Follow The Need" and how you can add some extra income to your rental properties.

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Smartr Holdings has seen an uptick of close to 1,000% since the start of Covid - and investor activity is in the rise as well. For years, Jason has been trying to let real estate investors see the benefits of investing in private software companies... but it took a crisis like this for his voice to be heard.

We chat about Smartr Holdings offering of a debt note they put in place specifically for real estate investors going through this crisis.

SmartrHoldings manages an aggregated portfolio of its own companies and property, (including real-estate and intellectual property) and allows investors an exchange for equity and interest-bearing investments throughout its portfolio.

By using income-generating applications, and a proprietary and automated marketing and customer acquisition process, we can literally project our revenues to a cent, and allow our system to generate that income with the press of a button.

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