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Sep 20, 2020

Brian Ellwood got into real estate investing for the same reasons as a lot of people. He read Rich Dad, Poor Dad and wanted to use passive income to pay for my bills so I could quit my miserable corporate job and have control over my time.

Brian was told that I should start out wholesaling because it was low risk and required no money. I went down that path and kept my dream of financial freedom on the back-burner.

Fast forward 4 years and I had built a "successful" wholesaling/flipping business. "We were doing 1M+/year and had a team of 10. I made good money but had no control over my time. Frustrated, I realized I had simply created another job for myself."

He shifted his entire focus once and for all toward creating passive income. I acquired a portfolio of a few dozen rentals and shut down the flipping business for good.

Today, he spends his time coaching others on how to replace their income with passive income so that they can have control over their time as well.

Connect with Brian through his website at

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